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Alogoriddim Releases VR DJ Programme For Apple's Vision Pro Headset

Paired with new software from Algoriddim, users can perform a virtual DJ set to a crowd of dancing robots

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February 7, 2024 at 9:19 AM PT

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Algoriddim has released a version of its virtual reality DJ software, djay, for Apple’s new Vision Pro headset

The Vision Pro, which launched in the US on February 2 and is expected to hit shelves by the end of 2024, is described as a "spatial computer" — allowing users to witness reality as well as visuals from the headset.

Users can watch television, or even use the device as their laptop by searching the web or receiving FaceTime calls.

Algoriddim’s djay software is now also available to use on the headsets, with 3D model decks.

The decks can be used as you would in real life even with the option to scratch on vinyl with music synced with the user’s Apple Music account. Music will be floating alongside the DJ allowing them to flick through their collection.

Effects are available for the DJ when they use hand gestures and they can preview a track when they gesture that they have headphones on their head.

To play in a completely virtual world, there is also the choice of environments such as a tunnel, space lounge or desert.

Algoriddim shares that this is “ground-breaking” as its “spatial interface and intuitive gesture controls take you beyond the realms of traditional DJing and into stunning immersive environments that react to your every mix.”

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is currently around £3,000 with Algoriddim’s djay, not included. Find out more about the VIsion Pro here.

Djay however, is free download with the pro subscription costing £6.99 per month.

Watch djay in use on Apple’s new Vision Pro below.

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